Last Update: 25 June 2012

As from 26th March 2008, Route Views Project made changes to the dump collection from and since 1st May 2008, we started using dumps from for our analysis
AfriNIC Service Region Routing Report
AfriNIC Service Region Routing Report

Amount of address space being announced to the Internet.

Graph 1

Number of unique routing entries in the Internet Routing Table.

Graph 2

Number of Origin ASNs announcing just one prefix to the Internet.

Graph 3

Number of ASes which provide transit to other ASNs in the Internet.

Graph 4

Routing Data : BGP Routing Table Analysis Report

Data treated and plotted daily with afrinic-bgp-report.c

Presentation on the routing report at AFRINIC-4 in NAIROBI, the 17th May 2006

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