AIRRS project

What is AIRRS

AIRRS stands for African Internet Registry and Routing Statistics. It is a collaboration between the RIPE NCC and AFRINIC, to create a web application that displays data provided to us from RIPEstat in an user-friendly way.

RIPEstat is an information service and an open data platform that was started in 2010 by the RIPE NCC. It offers access not only to data curated by the RIPE NCC (RIPE Database, RIS, and RIPE Atlas), but also to many external data sets (Maxmind, Mlab, Spamhaus, Speedchecker, etc.). See RIPEstat Sources for more details.

AIRRS's aspiration is to serve the African Internet community by providing up-to-date information about an Internet resource or a country, therefore allowing regulators, network operators, policy makers or researchers to make advised decisions.

The project will provide a platform to explore and visualise selected Internet datasets, in a useful format, to better understand the complexities of the multi-stakeholder nature of the Internet. AIRRS will be an open data platform that will serve as a public service to learn more about the Internet in a specific country or region. AIRRS will promote new analysis and insights on different important topics to further stimulate a better understanding of the internet, its economy and its impact on society


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